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I must once again start with my two sites, the ones that you clicked on, are about my people, the Native Americans along the east coast of Indian country, far from your area in Canada so the culture and ceremonies may differ some, for instance, the lord of the evil’s in the time of my ancestors and still around this day as a matter of fact, is known as Powwow, so my answer would have to depend on, do you want to know about this evil spirit or are you asking about someone’s bad gathering (powwow)?

I have been to many, far too many lately, evil or just plain bad gatherings, that’s another story for another day however, have not as yet had the opportunity to visit your area so I will write about this Powwow Spirit but first, no spirit good or bad can control you if you are always in contact (prayer) with your Creator.

This spirit is a giant even among to giants of old and caused much pain and suffering, almost ended our people except for Kiehtan intervention.


Evil spirits Coyote, Trickster and Powwows


A little side note, after first contact and the abuse of our ceremonies, our people and our culture from the invaders (USA) our leaders, Shechaim (leader), Head Clan Mothers and elders changed the name of our gathering from Paw-paus to Pow-wow and invited the evil invaders to join in on this phony gathering just to please them and now hold our Sacred Ceremonies in peace.