Welcome Bothell Washington


Looking for information about a Paw-paus?

I am pleased to find that you did not find much information about our gathering.

Allow me to explain this?

In each area of Indian country, tribes have their/our ceremonies and then they/we have our Sacred Ceremonies.

The Ghost Dance and the Sun Dance just to name a couple?

Well our Sacred Ceremony over in the east is the Paw-paus.

In each area of Mother Earth, countries have their Sacred Ceremonies.

Non natives are hell-bent on finding and joining in on our Sacred Ceremonies even though they would be real upset if we wanted in on theirs, some have even crashed in on a few, so the real ceremony stops and the rest just gets fluffed alone until the area is cleared and cleaned one again because you see, it is a ‘Sacred Ceremony’.

I am not going into ceremonies in your area one, because I am no expert, two, you only wrote the word paw-paus.

Sometime after first contact, our neighbors started wanting in on our ceremonies, many of our ceremonies are open and the public in always invited, never the Sacred Ceremonies, so we fluffed over this one and gave it a new name (powwow) another open to the public gathering.