Veteran denied motel room in Daytona Beach Florida

People of India (Hindus) consider pets unclean

OK, I’m looking for a little help from my followers on this because it needs to come out but,

I wish to not hurt anyone however, I have written about far too many personal experiences in my travels and it is only getting worse!

Why do India (Hindus) people in America hate dogs?

Best internet answer.

Hindus people consider dogs (Pets) unclean so they must wash if they touch or it touches them.

Why do people from India worship cows?

Best internet answer.

Indians (Hindus people) do not actually worship the cow itself, as it is seen as a taboo.

The cow in Hinduism is seen as the symbol of life.

Well sounds like another oxymoron to me?

Is not a cow also unclean?

Is it not right for people in the country you came over to also allowed to consider our pets as, the symbol of life?

Veteran denied motel room in Daytona Beach because he had service dog

Bottom line with this is rather simple?

Everyone should have a right to their beliefs, religious and most others, so if you are Hindu and believe that our pet is unclean and you are thinking about running a hotel, motel or Inn, in a pet friendly town, DON’T!

You should re-think your thinking!!!

This is not the ‘unusual’ my friends, this is the ‘normal’ for Hindu managers and workers!

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