Full Moon Friday the 13th

What Day Is It?

Why it’s Friday the 13th and also a full moon.

Just what does this mean anyway?

Well, I guess first it means do not go shopping for the next few days because of the crowds, it is Friday don’t you know.

Next, I carried my guns out with me to get the paper this morning and walk Breanna, because it was still a little dark and because of the Full Moon.

I did not want some Monster Big Black Cat come rip us both to threads or make us into some Monster Black Cat or something,.

You can never tell, it could happen?

You must know by now that this was my best attempt at a joke, because this government still does not allow Indians to carry a gun.

Not only that I do not carry a bow or arrows, I might shoot my foot?

All joking aside, the moon sure looked great and a welcome sight.

Thank- you Kiehtan for eyes to see the beauty of Mother Earth and Father Sky!


4 thoughts on “Full Moon Friday the 13th

  1. I wanted to “like” your Friday the 13th post, but you have 13 likes already, and 13 likes was so perfect for Friday the 13th! I just couldn’t mess with that. Thank you for the visit and the like over at my site.


    • No, it is a native joke on the government, because the government took away our weapons until it wanted us to fight for them, just a little play on words my friend. 🙂


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