Please remember that we traveled all over Indian Country and our family (Airedales) have been welcomed with no strings attached to some of the best hotels and motels in country!

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About friendly places for your pets

This is a list of proven not so friendly for your pets!

Back soon after Breanna adopted this family, we decided to show her the beauty, for her, around our state.


The next day I started a new page on the website!

All of Volusia county is definitely not pet friendly.

Don’t get me wrong I believe that Volusia has at least one beach that if you wish to have your pet see the ocean just

"show them your money"!

All of the rest of the ocean is blocked by cement buildings and no pets allowed signs!

While you are visiting that area do not stop at the North Turn In Daytona to eat, if you do

make sure that you do not take your pet, get a baby sitter!

Remember that while showing off our part of Florida it was winter and business was slow, cold, windy and wet so few customers, just image if the weather was good?

Do not ask her if your pet can be with at your outside seating, if you do ask be prepared for a 20 to 25 minute speech about what your pet will do to her pocket book!

I see all over the news papers in Lake county Florida that the town of Mount Dora is bragging about being pet friendly?

Every time we take a trip to visit this town we can find no place that we can go with our pets!

Now I understand that because pets are walking some sidewalks in this town the towns people are writing up an ordinance to band this also.


I think not!

Pander bread cafes restaurants claims throughout the country to be pet friendly however, if you are in central Florida, pet friendly means put the pet out in the parking lot someplace even if you wish to eat outside on their patio your pet is not allowed with you!