The Warmongers

ann johnson-murphree

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(Authors note:  I fully support the men and women in the service of my country the United States of America, I feel sad about the men and women of other countries who feel the obligation to follow the commands of their leaders.  The pain in the death of loved ones has no borders, no boundaries.  I cannot tolerate those who create war, it should be a declaration that they place their children in the middle of these war torn places.  Maybe, just maybe they would “think” before they “act”.)

The Warmongers

What will you do when the earth is no more; will those of you in power regret that you started another senseless war.  Political warmongers around the world your ugly heads and threats rise, rise, rise, are you blood thirsty, are you only contented when you see others die?  In the safety of your guarded homes, away from the…

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