Open Mouth, Insert Foot!



Not necessary to put your brain in gear before you open your mouth!

If you read the paper, listen to the radio, turn on your computer and/or watch television, sooner or later a government functionary will slip and tell you exactly what is on his/her mind, like it or not!

Lew Oliver, Orange county Republican party Chairmen, Outraged Puerto Ricans!

Oliver, in responding to news that Orange County’s number of registered Republican voters had slipped behind “other,”

attributed it to the fact that the region’s influx of Puerto Ricans were registering either as Democrats or

“no party affiliation.”

Lew Oliver

“If you like a Semi Social Government where the highest aspiration is a government job, Puerto rico is heaven on earth”!

Central Florida Political Pulse

Orlando sentinel,0,

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Government functionary (official) I could never find this person in this country?


“noun, plural functionaries. a person who functions in a specified capacity, especially in government service; an official: civil servants, bureaucrats, and other”

We have no ‘functioning government officials’ in our country!


Chairman of Orange County Republicans Claims Puerto Ricans Are Semi-Socialists