Do We Need Foreign Aid?

All but one (Israel) of the top 5 recipients has oil, a lot of oil and selling it, why do they need our money? I believe that we do need to clamp down on Israel’s use of our money and stop hand outs to the rest, put that money into helping our poor?

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Op-Ed from the desk of IST editor

In these days of a worry about our national spending there has been a call for the suspension of all the US foreign aid to save some cash….many people are saying that we need to get rid of our spend thrift ways……I for one in the past has questioned the need for foreign aid….I have asked just what do we get in return…..but there are many that have NO idea what foreign aid is made up of…..they know the term and they know that it costs this country money…..but what it is is a mystery……maybe I can help…..

Here to help you visualize just how much the U.S. spends every year is a chart from the folks at Finance Degree Center.

Just How Much Does the U.S. Spend on Foreign Aid Anyway? This Chart Will Explain

Now I am saying that the suspension of foreign aid will NOT save much for the country……what we need to do is…

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