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Walking with the Alligators


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A WP friend sent me some links yesterday that he thought I might find interesting.

He knows that I am passionate about  animals and their safekeeping on this Planet and wondered if this might be something I would want to do a story about it, or at least to be made aware of.

He recalled my recent story about the activist bomber the FBI were hunting for and thought I might want to know about this.

Well, as it turns out, he was right, it was quite illuminating.

After looking at all of the stories,  I was wondering if I had been living under rock or what?

I was not aware of what follows here.

These Ag-Gag Laws or Animal Enterprise  Terrorism  Act, or   AETA,  were implemented by President Bush in 2006, to protect private property, mostly agricultural companies, from harm, or damage, by acts of domestic terrorism by hard-core animal activists.

I think that is correct…

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