Relax with Snowbirds of Florida

So True 🙂

Gypsy Road Trip

Lunch at an outdoor patio. Lunch at an outdoor patio.

Ever wonder how the Snowbirds live in Florida? Come along for a trip to southern Florida and see how these folks entertain themselves from day to day. Actually, they seem more like children than adults, playing at being grown-ups while enjoying the freedom of children.

This is basically a life of leisure, and everyone runs on their own schedule in the mornings. Some are early risers and like to swim in the pool or exercise before the day gets warms. Others tend to sit back in their recliners and watch the morning world come to life outside their windows. 

Most live near the water so there is always entertainment nearby. The appearance of egrets, ibises, sea gulls and turtles in the nearby lake adds joy to the day. One of the neighbors might decide to throw some bread towards the birds and then the fun…

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