Crustacean Filtration

Oyster farms Indian river lagoon Florida.


Masticating Mollusks

Now to the posting?

Instead of assimilation. assassination, ignoring or making light of our people

(New England Eastern Woodland Native Americans).

Admit that we were, are and always have been here, will at least true traditionalist,

and our ancestors have been doing it right.

Try to learn a little from our ancestors?


My ancestors have been farming the three sisters, (corn, beans and squash) plus,

claims, oyster and crab for a long, long time now to save the food source.


Willow tree branches and grape vine traps.

Our wampum belts and regalia tell the stories told often around the gathering fires.

quahog jewelry

Zoo, county aim to recruit waterfront residents to create oyster gardens.

Brevard is paying $150,000 to start the program and is seeking $410,000 in state grants to expand the effort.

The county and its partners hope to create as many as 1,000 oyster gardening sites,

providing lagoon waterfront dwellers with as many as 1,000 free seed oysters.

In three to six months, that would grow 1 million mature oysters,

filtering about 25 million to 50 million gallons of lagoon water daily,

enough to fill almost 40 to 80 Olympic pools.

The program will use an oyster mat technique developed by Linda Walters,


a biologist at the University of Central Florida. Walters’ methods have restored 63 reefs in the Mosquito Lagoon,

returning 4.2 million oysters to the estuary.

Yes, old septic systems polluted waterways however, we must not forget that run off from land used chemicals are still also polluting and at a much faster rate?