Croatia: Barry Lituchy’s Fabrication Of History Or When Greater Serbia Lobby Gets Desperate

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Croatia, the War, and the Future

I once read that actions such as the denial of the Holocaust, and the use of racist strategies generally — against Jews, Muslims, Serbs, Croats, whomever — contain the foundation of the destruction and failure of those who practice them. I agree. Keeping that thought in mind and heart, I hope that Barry M. Lituchy’s Serbian propaganda will soon stumble upon its deserved demise.  It is impossible for me and, I guess, every human being who thrives on truth to keep quiet about blanket racist political strategies that seem to focus on the destroying of one person via vilifying a whole nation of people.  That is racist and that is how, one by one person, masses have been murdered and it strikes ones gasping for justice when encountered.

I turn here to a letter, that has just come to light, reportedly written to FIFA by Barry M Lituchy (an adjunct…

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