Little-known Film: Native America Before Columbus [VIDEO]

United States Hypocrisy

To the present day there is a widely held concept that paints the vast lands of North and South America – the so-called “New World” – before the arrival of Europeans as one giant wilderness that was simply waiting to be cultivated. This leaves the impression that the the land’s Native Inhabitants, known as the Native Indians, were up until that point peoples who had no interest in the complex characteristics that make up what we now call “civilization” – such as architecture, roadways and canals. This false notion has long since been refuted through archaeological research which has been published in numerous scientific publications throughout the years. However, a little-known documentary produced by National Geographic in 2010 attempted to offer a more visual presentation of pre-colonial America for its audience. This documentary film, “America Before Columbus”, does a commendable job of giving life to some of the many great…

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