Why is it wrong to call a Native American circle an arena?

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Thank you to the person from City Cairo Al Qahirah Egypt


Asking the question

Why is it wrong calling an Indian circle an arena and why is the way in not a door?

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My Thesaurus calls an Arena~ stadium, show ground, sports ground, pitch, field, ring, dome, amphitheater.

I do not know if the people in India have a circle or if so what they might call it However, the question seems to be directed towards Native Americans because of the many websites that they looked it?

To answer this question and insure a complete understanding as to why this is important one must think ancestors and dig back into past websites and blogs.








OK so, remembering that Paw paus and Powwow belongs to the first people of this land and that I speak only from my teaching from elders around the New York, New England area, this ceremony does not belong to outsiders, if you are an outsider you cannot have it!

If you change it then at the moment that you do, it is no longer a Paw paus or a Powwow, it is a watered down gathering to make money for you, period!

Dealing with the Thesaurus calling an Arena~ stadium, ground, showground, sports ground, pitch, field, ring, dome, amphitheater.