Native Americans gather to celebrate traditions

By Ryan Broussard


November 24, 2013

Native American traditions on display at ‘powwow

Welcome to some of my teachings from a visitor from GONZALES Baton Rouge, LA

Yes it is somewhat unusual to see a drum or two in the middle of a circle in today’s world.

As for is it a problem for elder traditional natives?

I hope not.

You see even though I am not familiar with tribes around New Orleans although I have been there to taste some really fine food, I am real pleased to see tradition at its best.

In my part of the country, the north east, long before first contact and the word powwow as you know it, we celebrated a ceremony known as a Paw-paus.

As explained in some of our posting, our sacred fire was over in the west of the circle for sacred reasons and the drums

(the heartbeat of mother earth and our tribe)

was always in the circle as we danced around them with Kiehtan our Creator.

GONZALES — As dancers of all ages filed into a tribal circle Saturday, U.S. Army veteran Shaun Murphy joined the familiar ritual, swaying to the Native American rhythms hammered out by drummers in the circle’s center.

Of course this gathering in indoors so one would not expect to see a fire in that circle however, it could very well be outdoors in the west?