Misunderstanding Spirituality

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Native American Spiritualism


While surfing the internet looking for information on the misunderstanding of native American spirituality?

I must, as always, start with your state in the South Central part of Indian country and we are from the North East.

Culture and ceremonies may differ a little in tribal information?

A couple more of our sites may help in your search?



However, something’s that seem to confuse our European friends might be the same in both areas of the country?

The first thing that I have noticed throughout the years while traveling around Indian country invited to attend their religious roundtable discussions and I believe, the most confusing to religious leaders is,

Native Americans throughout the country have no problem with our own Spirituality (they call religion).

We all Fear (believe) in our Creator, some call this Supreme Being by different names and some difference in ways of contacting our Supreme Being.

However, it has never, to my knowledge, turned into battles as with our Europeans do?

They also do not understand our praying inside of a Sweat Lodge, Longhouse or to trees and rocks, why we have a Prayer Pouch or call a Drum our heartbeat of Mother Earth.

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