Four Sacred Colors Earth

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fourbsaxred conors eaeth

I believe looking for the four directions?

fourbsaxred conors eaeth (four sacred colors of earth).

We of this tribe do not use four direction or four colors however, you did come to our postings so, if I can help, this is our Six Colors of our people used in our Friendship Pipe Ceremony?

Red ~, Yellow, Black, White, Green, Blue the Mohiigan colors.

Red is the east; It is where the star of knowledge appears.

Red is the rising sun bringing us a new day we thank Kiehtan our Great Spirit, for each new day that we are allowed to live upon Mother Earth.

From knowledge springs wisdom and goodness and we are thankful, for the morning sun that rises in the east.

Knowledge shall become the beginning of peace throughout this world.

Yellow ~The south is yellow. Mother Earth gives us growth, gives us all that sustains us, and herbs that heal us.

She brings forth the bounty of warm south wind and the yellow so that we think of strength, growth and physical healing and a time for planting.

Black ~ is the water; the life-giving rains come from the west,

where the thunder beings live Water is life. Black stands for the spirit world where we shall all enter someday.

What we do or do not do upon this earth, we shall carry with us over into that spirit world.

We shall all join together and either be ashamed or proud of how we treated one another, how we respected or disrespected our Mother Earth.

How we respected or disrespected all living things made by Kiehtan the Great Creator of creation.

White ~ is for the north power strength, endurance, purity, truth stands for the north.

The north covers our Mother Earth with the white blanket of cleansing snow the snow prevents many sicknesses.

Courage and endurance these strengths we seek and wish to be blessed.

Green ~ is the color for Mother Earth.

Every particle of us comes from her through the food we take from her daily.

We all start out as tiny seeds, we have grown to our present state and status through what she provides, she is truly our mother and must be acknowledged and respected.

Blue ~ is for our Creator, Kiehtan some times known as Father Sky, that gives us energy from the sun.

Father Sky provides the energy that moves our bodies.

Father Sky has daily communion with our mother.

Together, they are our true parents.

May Blessing fall on all that read this postings from our Creator Kiehtan?