Native American higher power

Seems that a little change in words still confuses many search engines?

One would think that by now a company that wants us to use their site to search the internet could keep improving on their search help?

However, makes more room for me to find questions to answer, so I am OK.

Welcome to my visitor from the City Denver Colorado

Take good care of Peyton Manning?

Sorry for your confusion while out looking on the internet for your information about our Higher Power Beliefs.

Native American higher power?

Pleased that you at least found one of my postings to help clear up any confusion?

Native American Spiritualism

You may find out that is you change a word or two many other sites will also pop up that may help in your search.

No reason that you should have known this, it is up to companies to improve their search engines.

For instance, Supreme Being, Creator, Native God, Native Beliefs, just to name a few.