Tobacco bags for requesting your native name

Welcome to my visitor from the City of Lima Ohio

requesting information as to tobacco bags for requesting your native name?

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On 17 Nov, Sun, 08:19:43.

This is a very old and out of use tripod discontinued site so, I am not sure if you found what you were looking for?

First thing, I believe, that will go a long way in your request for that native name, if you are truly looking for a traditional name by a respected Spiritual Teacher?

Would be a little teaching and understanding about our culture and ceremonies?

As always I must remind you that you are visiting a site and posting about east coast tribes so the information is from our ancestors.

That said, I do know many good proud people of the great Shawnee tribe and know that their ceremonies and culture are close to ours.

First, this bag is called a pouch, this pouch is stuffed with herbs, we use Kinnick, Kinnick and it is used at all of our ceremonies.


A few sites that might be of help to you?

Kinnick, Kinnick