Native American Alters

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Native American Alters how they are set up for different ceremonies

I have been to a few denominations of religious people, Jewish, Catholic, and many of the protestant churches and have not noticed much change between ceremonies?

Same with my people.

I believe the error might be with the question?

First we did not call our prayer place an alter until sometime after first contact.

In my culture, the Mohiigan people, a prayer place is set up for convince to pray to Kiehtan our Creator, it would have no need to be changed much because all of our ceremonies begin with a request for a blessing from Kiehtan to continue with the ceremony?

The only time that the alter might be changed some is if a different person is praying for the ceremony, for instance, I am a left hander, the next Spiritual teacher might be right handed.

Sachem Unkas prayer place.


My prayer place.


My father and grandfather’s prayer place.


Church alter

Jewish alter