Manatees: the gentle giants of Florida


There has never been a time in our history that these beautiful giants have ever attacked anything but plants, let alone humans, so why are the humans harming and killing manatees?

Simple, they get in the way of human boaters and their reckless fun, they live in waters that are being indiscriminately poisoned by our blatant runoff of our poisons into their homes!

Officials say watch out for manatees

If our neighbor has a septic system or business that has some type of harmful runoff into our homes we would be down to our town hall pounding on doors, writing letters to everyone with a address and screaming at our neighbors!

Manatees cannot speak for themselves, we must keep speaking for them?

Manatees communicate by ever so gently touching and touching that would make to most romantic person the world jealous.

Manatees have a set route for their travels to food and shelter, have had this travel long before humans had boats, why do we need to have our reckless fun over their body’s besides every other inch of water in the world?

If you have ever been blessed to just stand and watch them swim around, or been able to be in the water as they come up just to touch you, your heart would melt.


My mine does a back flip each time I see a photo like this.


Please do not go into the waters with them, science has determined that manatees suffer the same fate as the first peoples (indigenous), their immune system has no protection from some of our diseases.

Officials can say

“watch out for manatees”

until pigs fly, boaters will just keep laughing all over our endangered wildlife until we hit them where it hurts to stop them!