Macaque Madness

Walking with the Alligators

The face of an unwanted,  cast aside, wild animal, the Rhesus Macaque.
This image:Bob Gottschalk, a local who loves them


I first heard about this story over the weekend,  but did not have the  time to write.

By today,  I could wait no more and needed to share this story with all of you.

It seems that in Florida, you can do practically anything to an unwanted, wild animal for a small fee, perhaps this also applies in other states?

Since 1998,  a man, or more precisely,  a trapper named  Scott Cheslak, has traveled down here from South Carolina,  to the beautiful Silver Springs area, to capture and transport wild monkeys,  to date the number that he claims to have  taken is over 700.  ( this number has just been disputed as being too high )


11/2/13  3PM

***The following was just received as an update, or clarification, of some of the…

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