Peddling Poison

Walking with the Alligators


Our baby Breanna at four months~


As you may already know,  we have an Airedale named Breanna,  who is unashamedly,  the center of our universe.

We are very careful about everything that touches her life, especially the food that she eats, which is why the news this morning was  so hard to hear.

I/we know that not everyone goes so over the top when it comes to food as we do, but we lost one to cancer and were determined that we would never allow anything questionable to ever  come into our home again.

People have often remarked about the diets that I have fed my Airedales,  saying that they don’t eat as good as they do.

(A former colleague at UCLA once asked if when he died,  he could come back as my dog.)

No, Breanna does not get anything to eat that comes from out of this country, in fact, much of what  she…

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