Woman Regalia

I was not going to write about this one because the person did not leave a way to see just where the question came from it just said Unknown.

However, the question is a good one because it, once again points out my problem while writing about my people, the Eastern Woodland Tribes over on the East Coast of Indian Country.

If I do not keep up with correcting answers to important questions, who will?

If I do not keep up with correcting answers to important questions, the rest of our culture will soon be lost, we have already lost far too much as it is.

The question was Eastern Woodland Native American woman regalia?

Which to me means that this person is looking for information about our Regalia, more to the point our women.

I had to go through nine statements in their search engine about Indian clothing before I could point out the correct answer and even then Plains Indian cloth and non native cloth also showed up.

Is it any wonder why our non native friends are confused?

We did not wear Warriors Bonnet let alone with turkey feathers and we never had a Peace pipe?

The original peoples of the Eastern Woodland Tribes up and down the east coast when the invaders (Europeans) showed up lived around trees, a lot of trees.

Wild animals, a lot of wild animals.

Cold weather, a lot of cold weather.

Half of the seasons are cold seasons.

We did not have cloth, we had to make do as best we could and this meant Dear Skin, Moose Skin, Raccoon and other furs as they came available.

Our warriors, and women did not use turkey feathers, medal or plastic headdress.

This came much later and came from the west by Plains Indians and French traders.

Couple of my sites, I hope that you can find more?

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