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Native American Fox Walk

Fox walk or Sneak Up?

Welcome to the visitor from Tokyo, Japan

Looking for information about Native American Fox walk.

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I am not sure just what is was that you were looking for because you ended up on one of my Spirituality sites, so to make sure that we get to your question, I have three answers for you to choose from?

First, I personally have never heard of the words Fox Walk?

So I checked my trackers and it would seem that others believe that you are looking for a game that they are calling fox walk?

This is a welcome reminder of my youth and a good way to show some of the many ways that the public is welcome into a circle.

So, let’s get started with my answer as taught to me by my elders as I was growing up?

(1)- Spirituality

I have many posting about this like this one.

American Native Spirituality

(2)- Original Sneak up

The reason why I believe that this is what you were looking for and the main reason why the ill-equipped natives around the New England area were able to hold their own against the well equipped Europeans, is this game played while I was growing up in Uncasvillage.

Our ancestors learned at an earlier age to pay close attention to the birds, plants and animals for a safer life and a better way to feed the people.

If you could just sit on a stump and watch a fox, I have many times, it is willing to take all the time needed to hunt it’s food.

It will sneak up from down wind through bushes and trees one foot at a time moving each leg extremely slowly placing toe, heal toe, heal until it is close enough to pounce on its prey.

The prey has many ways to stop the fox, like turning and pointing at the fox, or grabbing onto the fox until the teacher declares the fox as the new prey.

This game is useless unless player outside because one needs to hear the fox coming?

A new player to the game stands in complete silence, blind folded in the center of a circle of others, also in complete silence, a teacher points to anyone or a number of others around the circle to act like a wild animal (such as a fox) and sneak up to pounce on his or her prey, because this was in training for life in the wild.

Also played later on if all have played the game many times, this time each fox not able to sneak up on the prey, becomes the next prey.

This game teaches many things needed to be able to successfully hunt for food and/or go to war.

(3)- Sneak up enjoyed at our Paw paus (powwow)

This is a dance in the circle almost the same as the old sneak up, also a fun dance.

The drum or drums drum a dance of their choice and at the direction of the head drummer, change to a war drum as many time as they wish and all dancers must get into a dance that they choose as if on a hunt or at war and sneak up on their prey of enemy.

This is completely under the control of the head drummer or MC depending on the tribe putting on the gathering.

A fun dance for young and old.

This is the oldest dance in our culture.

The regalia should represent the animals that the Creator put on the earth.

The movements tell of warrior actions-hunting, stalking the game, battling an enemy.

This is as close as I can find to our original dance 17th Annual Summer Shawnee Woodland Powwow – Sneak-up Dance