Where is Winter the dolphin?



I had to make one of the hardest decisions of my retirement life yesterday?

Embarrassed smile

This is sort of a joke because the decision always has only one outcome, however this did not make it any easier this day.

What to do with Breanna just to be able to go in and love on Winter, because handicapped people get to be up close with the miraculous dolphin?

Do Not Go Inside, enjoy the outside with the workers that also love Winter.

If Breanna is not allowed, we do not go.

Understanding that in this case a young Airedale like Breanna would send every bird, fish and mammal into a frenzy that would harm them all even though she would only be wanting to play and love on them, the temptation was still great because of the work being done for animals in distress at this aquarium.

She does not know how to do this be quiet and just look and this is her pets fault for spoiling her.

Not to worry because everyone that we met while taking these pictures love’s all animals and played and fussed on her while we enjoyed walking around that day.

If you have not seen the movie Where is Winter and/or been able to visit, you have missed a wonderful experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life, a must see.

Remember that they are filming Dolphin Tale 2 now, also a must see.




Aquarium won’t close weekends during ‘Dolphin Tale 2’ filming


Sorry about our looks, we had just come from trips to and from the VA in Tampa and are all three extremely tired however, I did have a good tune-up to the pump and it is ticking along just fine today.

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