Powwow verses Paw-paus -1-0-1?

Part two of two parts

It is time again to create some more enemies?

A blog in two parts, this one is about the New Age Powwow’s sometimes called Intertribal?

I guess that so many of our traditional elders complaining in the past forced them to add a name to their gatherings?

You may either just get mad at me and move on or you may now start to understand why so many elders throughout our area get so traumatized by this new age movement?

Remember, this is only about Eastern Woodland American Native gatherings around the New England area and up and down the east coast.

Allow me to explain.

To understand we must keep going back to the first powwows and the reason for them?

Mr. Powwow, I say this to help drive in an important point, is an Evil Spirit sent to us from the Trickster, the ultimate Evil Spirit.

The extremely rude invaders ( acting like this Mr. powwow) from overseas demanded the right to join our Sacred Ceremonies, so our ancestor fluffed the ceremonies, made them pretty but hollow and allowed them in.

Seeing just how boring that they were, the invaders stopped coming around, mission accomplished.

Our powwows,.

I say our, because true traditional eastern woodland natives still closely follow the ancestors paw-paus!

O.K. back to an intertribal powwow.

The first time I walked head first into a new age arena powwow was the first powwow put on by the Mohegan Casino, sorry but this is true!

Grand Entry started with a group of cowboys wearing plains Indian headdress riding around this arena shooting rifles in the air inside this large tent?

I should have said first and last time I made this visit.

I guess that they felt that it was necessary making all this fuss in order to wake up Kiehtan (Creator)?

First we must take away the Sacred Fire in the west and place it in the middle of an arena, no more circle, that is if they even have a fire now?

So now we must have an Arena Director.

This new age powwow in also no longer from a Tribal Matriarch Society.

This is a Patriarchy Society?

By this I mean that the line up to Grand Entry is totally mixed up and changed around.

First we must have the grass mowed down by Plains Indian Grass Dancers?

Looks a little strange when some times the powwow is held in a school basketball court?

The Head Veteran is now just around there for looks because we are using this director and/or a gatekeeper, not sure what his job is?

Men, elder men, are moved to the front of the line to hold flags and something that looks like a Plains Indian Chiefs War Club or Staff?

Please do not get me wrong because there is nothing bad about a Plains Indian’s Gathering in central America, been there enjoyed that.

Next in the line veterans, then elder women, warriors and then younger females, no longer such a thing as a Sachem, Head Clan Mother or much of anything else resembling an eastern woodland native group of people, most are dressed in Canadian or Plains Indian costumes.

Remember, while all of this lining up we have someone called a medicine man and/or medicine woman trying to smoke clean the place and the people?

Getting into their arena will be another posting this is getting long enough?