Pilots N Paws

Pilots N Paws

Walking with the Alligators


Our beautiful Breanna with her Christmas Moosie


A new era for this Blog is being introduced today.

As it is Sunday and peace and tranquility could be a possibility here, if only for a brief moment, from this point on, every Sunday,  if/when a new Blog is being posted,  it will be a good,  upbeat, positive story, period!

So, today begins this new  “good news only on Sunday era”  with a story that was on our local news this morning about a very “ special delivery ” being made near us today of animals who are being given a second chance at life.

The Organization behind all of this,  is  called  Pilots N Paws and who they are and what they do,  is why this Blog exists, they care deeply and work tirelessly and unselfishly for a single purpose,  they care for animals in need.

These selfless, kind and caring volunteer pilots pick up and…

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