Medicine man, Clan leader, Clan Mother, Sachem

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Medicine man, Clan leader, Clan Mother and the Shechaim (Sachem)

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“war what did the medicine man clan leader clan mother and sachem do”?

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What did the Medicine man, Clan leader, Clan Mother and the Shechaim (Sachem) do during a war?

Remember I can only respond to a question like this with what I know about my people, the indigenous peoples of the New England and surrounding areas.

Native tribes in and around Nevada may have different answers for the same question?

Clan Mother ~ The duties of a clan mother of an Indian tribe?

So our Head Clan Mother would be the correct person to speak to about going to or coming from war/battles.

Head Clan Mother filters out complains to discuss with Shechaim.

Clan Leader ~ (all clan mothers) leader- Head Clan Mother.

Head Clan Mother ~ runs the tribe anytime Shechaim is away.

Medicine man ~ would always be on the front line caring for the wounded from either side, most of the time not harmed for fear of retaliation from Kiehtan (Creator), plus each side knows that a Medicine man is not allowed to pick and choose who to help.

The War Chief, under direct orders is to supply four of the best warriors for a protection of the Medicine man.

Shechaim (Sachem) ~ is the only tribal member allowed to choose war or no war therefore must always be within sight of the frontlines and many time at the frontlines during a battle and the war.

War Chief and all of the warriors keep a keen eye on the movements of their Shechaim at all times.

Hope that this answers your question?

Shechaim Ohjieshan