Firekeeper/Keeper of the Circle

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To my website and blog looking for fire keepers and smudging.

Smudging the correct way.



Smudging has just been covered the other day,

Smudging before entering the circle September 28, 2013

Fire Keeper has not.

Fire Keeper is the reason why I have been holding onto this for a little while and praying about it before answering.

I do that a lot.

We must once again understand that my teachers were from around New York, New England and parts south. While it is true that my father Shechaim (Sachems) Zeak and my grandfather Shechaim (Sachems) Tallfox had many visitor to our meetings, I have no knowledge of the Canadian natives Fire Keepers, never has the opportunity to witness?

Also, since I am writing on a blog being read by people from all over Indian country and the world, I feel that it is necessary to point out that fact .

I have also been to thousands of gatherings around Indian country and have noticed that most gatherings do not have a fire, some have a fire almost as an afterthought and a few have a fire along the lines of our Paw-paus gatherings.

It is this the last that I chose to write about.

My people take a fire in or around a circle very personal.

You see, we believe that a correctly placed fire at the correct time is a symbol that Kiehtan (Creator) has agreed to a visit with our gathering.

The original powwows before first contact (Paw-paus) the fire was always off to the west side away from distractions with room to do our smudging/prayers, in those days smudging was with Kinnick – Kinnick Herbs, this is our tobacco.

Our powwows, not counting today’s intertribal, the fire is placed into the center of our circle.

Long before any gathering begins the cleaning and clearing must be done.

After the circle is cleaned and cleared correctly it is time to smudge.

Taking the remains of the last fire and mixing it with Kinnick, Kinnick we start the spirit smudging, light the fire in the center of the circle.

light the mix from the fire in the circle, extremely important, let the fire in the circle go out on its own.

Smudge starting at the east at the fire, smudge around and back to the east, take two steps toward the east opening and smudge around the fire once again back to the east each time getting closer to the east opening and out through your opening.

This way all spirits good and bad will be forced out the opening of your circle.

Good spirits will return with Kiehtan.

Your circle is now ready for the Firekeeper prayers for a blessing from Kiehtan and a visit.

After the fire is started (another posting) the Firekeeper and assistants must keep the fire going for the length of the Paw-paus or powwow.