The Schaghticoke Indian Tribe

It’s that time again.

Question, does this country recognize the country of Canada?

Time to once again remind people about a metaphor (Etymology) double edge sword.

How should we, or better yet, what right does the United States of Americas have going about excepting (recognizing) any other nation (country)?

Why does Quebec want to separate from Canada?

Mostly because of the language?

Let’s say for a conversation that the country of France decides to split into quarters, do we in this or any other country recognize one or more of the four or maybe none at all?

Is this any of our business?

If France and Quebec do split, should the English speaking world only recognize the split half that speaks English and the French speaking countries only recognize the half speaking French?

Should we be recognizing either half because after all, as with the natives in this country, each half has not been around since 1934?

I am so confused?

US overhauls process for recognizing Indian tribes

For instance, if this country does not recognize The Schaghticoke people, why keep calling then an Indian Tribe?

It is beginning to look to this layman of history that if you never had the chance to war with the United States of America, you cannot still be a nation?

That is unless of course this country rounds up a group of wannabe’s that are willing to sell the ancestors, the culture, the ceremonies and

most important of all their Supreme Being, for Wampum (M O N E Y)!

Wampum, the ancestors type of money.

In Kent, a small Berkshires Mountains town with one of New England‘s oldest covered bridges, residents have been calling the selectman’s office with their concerns.

The tribe claims land including property held by the Kent School, a boarding school, and many residents put up their own money a decade ago to fight a recognition bid by another faction of the Schaghticokes.

Their reservation, Schaghticoke tribe, granted in 1736 by the General Assembly of the Colony of Connecticut, is one of the oldest in the United States.

Thinking back to the late 1990’s we get to rethink the process handed down to the “Pequot and Mohegan Casino’s”.

Quotations because one must wonder, whatever happened to the land owned by the ancestors?

Together, before first contact, they settled on land from the ocean to the Mississippi river and from the Canadian tribes to somewhere around the Delaware tribes? Just who were the people making this agreement with the United States and who gave them permission to make such a foolish treaty?