Reel Injun

An article written by non native Writer Bill Kaiser and Writer non native Vera Marie Badertscher about old films?

How Filmmakers See Native Americans in 4000 Films

Filmed in Canada about the old west?

As usual nothing included about the far East?

Reel Injun,” Neil Diamond, a Cree, shows clips of some of the 4,000 films that focus on the indigenous people of North America. He also interviews a wide range of directors, actors and critics, both Indian and non-Indian. Examples include filmmakers Jim Jarmusch (“Dead Man”), Clint Eastwood,  and Chris Eyre (“Smoke Signals”), and Native actors Graham Greene (“Dances With Wolves,” “Thunderheart”) and Adam Beach (“Smoke Signals,” Clint Eastwood’s “Flags of our Fathers“).

Mr. Neil Diamound a great singer, good film maker did do a good job with this piece with what he had to work with. His work shows a few natives, a few non natives playing natives and the native butcher, John Wayne, killing and abusing natives.

Sacheen Littlefeather the model who achieved fame in 1973 when she stood in for Marlon Brando in refusing his Oscar for “The Godfather” as a show of solidarity with American Indians.

Not sure what the name Sacheen is however, a few personal visits in the 60s and again in the early 70s with a shipmate to the White Mountain Apache people found that their leaders are called Chiefs?

Littlefeather was born in Salinas, California.

Her ancestry is Apache, Yaqui, Pueblo, and European.

If you have never even walked a minute in my hero, Mr. John Trudell‘s moccasins, you have no right to even think about slandering him!

Thanks to this European government he has lost everything including family because he dared to stick up for your native ancestors rights.

John Trudell