Lagoon Lunacy?

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A bottlenose dolphin in Florida waters
Picture credit: NOAA


On our news this morning was a brief story about the suspected cause of all the recent bottlenose dolphin deaths along the Atlantic Coast, including our own Indian River Lagoon.

The conclusion reached and reported, was that the dolphins had possibly contracted a virus.

Although, my education was in Anthropology, not Biology, my thinking normally leans with the scientific community.

But, not this time!.

I found this story to be suspect, to say the very least.

So, in response to this news story report of the theory deduced by NOAA,  my question is this:

Is a virus causing the sea grasses to die as well?

Not sure, but don’t think that plants and animals are affected by the same illnesses, are they?

Has the mega Agency been “encouraged”  to diffuse the swell of hostility towards those responsible for polluting, by pushing…

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