Lethal Lagoon

I agree time to clean up our mess!

Walking with the Alligators

BottlenoseDolphinKSC                                            IndianRiverLagoonUSFWS

A bottlenose dolphin in the Banana River                                                                  The Indian River Lagoon
Picture credit: NASA                                                                                                        Picture credit: USFWS


When most people think of Florida, the first image that comes to mind, may be our crystal clear or turquoise water, followed closely behind by our glorious wildlife.

But, that beautiful image is in grave danger of becoming only a distant memory.

Florida’s water and wildlife, that in the past were our pride and joy, are suffering and we are all of us to blame.

A visit to one of our world-famous, heavily visited shore lines or tourist areas, instantly reveals what has become of a long ago perfect paradise.

Indeed, one of our most beloved and formerly pristine wildlife and water treasures, is the Indian River Lagoon on the Mid Atlantic Coast.

In the not so distant past, this area was considered to be 156 miles of sheer delight and wonder.

But, the boyhood home waters of our Senator Bill Nelson…

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