What is this thing called PAW~PAUS?

Why can’t this thing be found all over the internet?

It must be one of those secret sacred ceremonies Sachem keeps talking about?


It is not a secret sacred ceremony.

It is however, a ceremony and very much alive today.

It is a vessel (ceremony) used four times a year, sometime even more often, by the ancestors into which many of our Sacred Ceremonies are enjoyed.

The only reason why one, until after this posting, cannot find information about this ceremony is simple.

No phony, wannabe, impersonator has been able to steal enough information in order to fool the masses, plus you cannot make money off of it.


It is only polite to ask before taking information from someone’s  website or blog?

Ask my WordPress friends, we all enjoy re blogging and someday even I might get it right?

Back before first contact before the Europeans made it necessary for the people to change the gatherings, the first people around the East Coast held our gathering call a Paw-paus.

Our gatherings are what today’s powwows started out looking like believe it or not, only with no Sacred Ceremonies in them without a special invitation.

Sorry to say that not much in today’s powwow’s look anything like a Paw-paus.


No fence marking off the circle, no charge ever to entry the grounds.

No Arena Director because it has no arena, no keeper of a gate. It has a circle, cleaned and cleared always with the intent of an invitation to Creator for a blessing and a dance or two.

Food venders were always welcome as long as they provided their own power and could prove that the food was tasty and safe to the consumers, yes, they do charge.

All venders knew before traveling that this is a gathering of the people and that anyone wishing to could provide a dish and if they wish a small gift for the share blanket.

No one sold things unless they could prove that it was made by hand and by our people from around Indian country.

Even if this vender was with or without a government plastic card.

The Paw-paus was usually held on someone from the tribe’s land or permission from a sponsor to use their land, so many did have a donation bucket, drop into or if need be take from?

As stated above, many time all of our Sacred Ceremonies, even a Crossing once in a while, were held in a Paw-Paus.

Soon after first contact, because the Europeans were starting to get extremely pushy at wanting into this very spiritual event.

Sachem’s of the New England tribes came together to find a fast safe way out of this situation.

Long before this first contact our ancestors knew of an evil Shaman warlock that practice Shamanism.

This Shaman warlock name was known to the people as powwow and was an extremely evil wicked spirit.

The Sachem’s of these true American native people placed the problem where they knew that they would get an answer.

In the hands of their clan mothers.

After many debates about the problem the clan mothers came up with, why not use the name powwow and a great explanation as to why it should be used.

It would seem that our invaders from across the waters acted very much like this Sharman powwow.

So why not start having an event like our paw-paus and invite them all?

The problem day that was unforeseen by our ancestor is now many of these powwows are infested with shamans, witches and warlocks, some even running it!

This would be a very good reason to explain why no American native advertises when and where we are holding our Paw-paus and why it is still so hard to get information.