Crossing Ceremony

Being created is a traumatic experience, if you can imagine.

This is why we should fear (love) and respect Creator.

We should also respect and care for Mother Earth for our life time.

Death no matter how it happens is also a traumatic experience.

I have toiled since first writing in websites, about an interesting explanation to our Sacred Ceremonies so as to show non knowing people our way and the reasons to not fear or condemn them and still protect the ancestors wishes. I have noticed as late that my website trackers and blog reader are inundated with questions, concerns and/or complaints as well as so many false teachings about our ceremonies. More important than all of this is the many mixed race families now wanting to better know about this half of their loved ones ancestors, beliefs, culture and ceremonies. I hope that you understand and enjoy my feeble attempt at putting this one very Sacred Ceremony to rest?

One of many Sacred Traditional Ceremony of Native Americans.

Remember, native ceremonies are a form of prayer (Communication with Creator, God).

You as the student can never be wrong, you can never make a mistake, your Creator is a loving, caring teaching God!

Because so many mix ancestors are showing interest in their loved ones native past, we like to start a ceremony with a little religious knowledge so to speak.

First thing is a need for a little teaching information.

Many religions, like the Christians, believes in God.

A Christian also believes in the trinity, God the father, God the son, God the holy ghost (holy spirit).

As an Eastern Woodland American Native, of a Matriarch society, like the tribes of the  Pequot/Mohegans and so many others, we are believers in Creator (God). God is the Creator.

This group of people believe in Creator (God), Father Sky (you call Jesus Christ), the Great Spirit (Holy Spirit).

For instance, Creator (God), speaks a creation like

“Create the Universe!”

Father Sky (Jesus Christ) puts that wish into action, The Great Spirit ( Holy Spirit) completes the work.

“We have a Universe.”

This is why, when a Christian walks the walk of Jesus Christ and a Native walks the walk of Father Sky it now makes sense to be one with Creator (God)?

My dream is that someday we can all walk the walk together?

A little of a native story (cut short for this purpose) telling children about humans.

Mother Turtle (Earth) asked one day while walking with Creator, for something of creation to care for.

So, Creator charged Father Sky with having the Great Spirit take a hand full from her back and forming humans to be placed on her back.

Actually 13 groups of humans.

13 original tribes, 13 squares on a turtles back.

However, we do believer in a little twist, first was woman, then man to care for and protect woman.

Turtle (Earth) is a women.

Humans came from Mother Earth, Humans will return to Mother Earth, hence the reason for a Crossing Ceremony and the reason why native people have 13 in many of their ceremonies.


A Crossing Ceremony, as with all sacred ceremonies is never to be written down or recorded.

It must only be  passed down from generation to generation, by your Spiritual Leader to a Spiritual Leader.

If recorded then phony humans can imitate your ceremony and usually for profit.

No native American is allowed to make a profit off of a Sacred Ceremony!

Usually Kinnick~ Kinnick (Tobacco) changes hands to replace the ceremonial use.

Creator is watching.


It was not my intent to slight any religion, so if you feel that your beliefs were left out, please write and teach me, I am always eager to be a willing student?