Follow up on Anonymous Gatekeeper

The old ways keep on getting diluted by time, so bad that this younger generation no longer knows the whys, how’s, and reasons as to their use in today’s world?

As you ,my friends, know I have a short fuse when it comes to my ancestors, elders, culture and ceremonies and sometimes write with that fuse instead of my heart.

Of course when I do this Creator pushes me hard until I rewrite from the heart so here goes.

Most of the old fogies deep in the culture around my area grew up dancing in a Paw~paus circle as explained in many earlier postings.

There were no Gates, Ropes, Chains or a Fence around this circle just blankets of many materials.

No need, because everyone from age one to one hundred and fifty one, knew to enter from the rising sun and all creation was always invited into this circle of friendship.

I will say this once because it needs to be said for understanding our ways.

The word gate never existed in our culture until the invention of the internet and its spread around the world.

I love the internet, one can do so many good things with it however, with good things a few bad things follow along uninvited.

This was never , is not and will never be an arena and the rising sun will never have a gate blocking the way of your enjoyment and your dance with our drum, dancers, people and most of all our Creator.

Mr. Miss or Mrs., Anonymous you could, I suppose, be a gatekeeper for your Supreme Being but if you are standing at our entrance you are a loving greeter, because only our Supreme Being can close or open this entrance.

That people needs to be cleared up and yes, you are all always welcome into our Paw~paus, you can even bring your gatekeepers.