This is sports at its finest

Standing all alone on that round brown spot bowing and holding his hat to his heart is what sports was to always be about.
Playing a game while earning the respect of your peers.
Many people love and will miss him.
Many love and are glad to see him go.
No matter who you are, no matter where you live, no matter what team you root for, it does not even matter if you do not like sports, you just have to love this man.
He is not a Shack, he is not a Superman, he is not a Rocket man, Thank GOD.
A quiet reserved working man that just goes out time and time again doing his job, striking you out!
Why this song?
 I have no idea except, this is NEW YORK YANKEE BASEBALL!
45,186 fans got to see history in the making Tuesday the 16th 2013 at the 84th All-Star Game, Citi field New York.