If you are not descended from Sachem ( She-Chaim Unkas) Uncas, you are not a Mohegan?

If you travel around the internet, read some of the newest books about my people, watch television or try to follow someone’s genealogy, it ends up as everybody is related to the first leader of the Mohegan native people, Uncas, Mohegan Sachem.

Sachem Uncas, (son of Owaneco a Pequot), Sachem Owaneco (son of Uncas), Attawanhood (Joshua son of Uncas), John Uncas (son of Uncas), Sachem Cesar Uncas (son of Owaneco), Sachem Isaiah Uncas. Ben Uncas, Ben Uncas 2nd, Ben Uncas 3rd.


Whatever happened to the Pequot’s that followed Chief Poquiam (Unkas) away from Sachem Sassacus, settled on the west side of the Pequot river and followed Chief Poquiam (Unkas) their new Sachem now known as Uncas?

Remember that there was well over one hundred warriors and their women and children.

Once these people excepted Uncas as their leader, he became their Sachem, they became the old long gone original Mohiingan’ s and his people, the tribe that was forced from their old homeland along the great lakes.

As usual with non natives doing the recording, the name changed down through the years and we became known as the Mohegans.

Now we must back up a little further into our past and we will find that the Pequot’s were first called the Pequins ( Dutch name for destroyer), however, we know that they are really a farming peaceful tribe known as the Mohiingan people, forced to leave their home up and over to the west at the Great Lakes that through the years learned from their enemy how to fight for their lives.


Someone needs to explain to these “Decedents” that it is not necessary to be of royal blood to be a Casino Indian?


While we are on the subject, I would like to know who told our people that there were no more Mohegan Sachems after Sachem Ben Uncas the 3rd and what happened to the rest of the Royal blood line?

I know what happened, what I want is for those saying that there are no more to please explain?

A quick word about our New England people.

Patriarchy/Matriarch Society?


The original people of this area were all of a Matriarch family, as in filtering, annihilation, assimilation and pollution set in now some are of the Patriarchy and no longer our people.