It’s a Mystery?


Walked out the back door at first light, looked to my right as I was heading for my work shed and almost tripped on the patio.

Over at the fence across from our driveway was a fresh pile of sand?

First thought was, “Boy I am going to hate to fight off those Fire ants.”

As you can tell from the above statement,

I was not quite awake as yet, that is until seeing the mound of sand.


After a closer look, it looks like either Harriett, our Gopher Tortoise,

built a new home away from the fence facing the road, or Harriett has a boyfriend?

Harriett came out to eat so I planned on watching her to see where she goes after breakfast only she fooled me,


because she left while I was putting gas in the lawnmower.

Please stay tuned for any following episodes?