Macroglossum Stellatarum

Just when you think that you are the most intelligent species in the land, along comes the Macroglossum Stellatarum?

Lewis Nixon invented the first Sonar in 1906,In 1906, American naval architect Lewis Nixon invented the first sonar-like listening device to detect icebergs.


UF researcher shows hawkmoths use ultrasound to combat bats


Bats and many Moths have had sonar for centuries.

Bats and moths have engaged in an arms race for nearly 65 million years as bats evolve ways to hunt down moths and moths evolve ways to escape bats.

French physicist Paul Langévin constructed the first sonar set to detect submarines in 1915.

By 1918, Britain and the United States had built sonar sets that could send out, as well as receive, sound signals.

In the 2000’s, the U.S. Navy introduced a sonar system to help clear military mines.

Hawkmoths are major pollinators


 and some are agricultural pests.


Researchers use the insects as model organisms for genetic research due to their large size.

Previous research shows tiger moths use ultrasound as a defense mechanism.

“While they produce the sound using tymbals, a vibrating membrane located on the thorax, hawkmoths use a system located in the genitals.

Scientists found at least three hawkmoth species produce ultrasonic sound, including females.

Researchers believe hawkmoths may produce the sound as a physical defense, to warn others or to jam the bats’ echolocation, which confuses the predators so they may not identify an object or interpret where it is located”, Kawahara said.