Chiricahua Apaches worship the same God (Creator) as Christians


Methodist minister challenges Oklahoma license plate

I am no expert in this or any other subject, never was, never will be however, I believe that an honest prayer be it Jew, Muslim, Christian, Native American or any other, is nothing more than a good conversation with Creator (God)?

A Christian must except the Son of God their Creator Period.

Then follow the Son of Gods (Creators) teaching, Period.

This Methodist minister teaches many other rules set down by man, John Wesley (1703-1791).

A Chiricahua Apaches has rules to help others also.

Although these rules of man are good, they should never get in the way of their God’s (Creators) plan, Period.

Traditional Native Americans like my old Shipmate Tim and his family, Chiricahua Apaches, believe in Creators (Gods) teaching, Period.

Shooting an arrow into the sky as a prayer to Creator (God) for much needed rain is no different than a Methodist minister raising his hands over head in prayer to God (Creator) for a safe journey home from church, Period.

A Methodist minister does not believe that a prayer will save the flock on the way home and a Chiricahua Apaches does not believe that the arrow will make it rain, they both are asking for permission from their Creator (God), Period.

Pastor Keith Cressman, the state license plate has been excepted by the citizens of your state, if you so chose not to use this plate, rent another plate from the state or move, Period.


Happy Fathers Day Guys. 🙂