Waste As a Power Source

The U.S. still ranks as one of the most wasteful countries in the world



Renewable Energy: Waste As a Power Source. what a great idea?

I have been writing about this since at least 1999 more like with my first computer 1994.


I stumbled onto this site today and please with their writing about embracing landfill methane gas and waste-to-energy opportunity  from discarded food.

Methane gas in a landfill has the potential of being very dangerous this is why you still see every now and again a pipe in the ground with fire coming out of it, a pollutant and waste of energy. I never could understand this move, it is a free source of energy to many types of power such as electricity. Next they write about waste food going to a landfill. Again this has the potential of many power source even to fuel our vehicles and the leftover is great fertilizer. Another one that I wish that was written about would be to update the landfill to a modern energy plant so that everything that makes it to the landfill/energy plant could be put to use as power for the surrounding area plus free energy to run the plant? Any waste that cannot be turned into fertilizer can be use to build roads or something.