Potato group pumped up spud prices, again

Like with this past writing on Walking with the Alligators.

We Want To Live


I feel the frustration of so many animal lover because they, like me, still cannot find a way to reach the masses and wondering, will they ever get it or when will it end?

Belks store has a flyer for a handbag made out of straw, 30% off store price what a deal?

The handbag is made in China so we already know that it is a subpar product.

A Chinese factory pays the employee about a dollar a day plus another dollar for the material, sell to Belk for maybe $10.00.

Belks store piece is $59.95.

So 30% or about $30.00 for this straw handbag that might last a year?


Your next choice might be, buy American made, might be?

Grocers allege potato group pumped up spud prices



Photo By Post Register, Robert Bower

This was in the papers a few month ago and because of some family matters I did not post it however, now things are getting out of hand and pricing is foolishly going higher.

FILE – Potatoes are harvested at farm west of Idaho Falls , Idaho, in this September 2010 file photo. A U.S. wholesale grocer says America’s potato farmers are running an illegal price-fixing scheme, driving up spud prices while spying on farmers with satellites to enforce strict limits on how many tubers they can grow. Photo: Post Register, Robert Bower

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A battle between grocers and potato growers has been silently hitting shoppers’ pocketbooks, according to a U.S. wholesaler accusing America’s spud farmers of driving up prices while spying on farmers with satellites and aircraft fly-over’s to enforce strict limits on how many tubers they can grow.

Associated Wholesale Grocers‘ lawsuit against United Potato Growers of America and two dozen other defendants was shifted this week to U.S. District Court in Idaho, America’s top potato-producing state with 30 percent of the nation’s supply.