Native Americans Must Repent For Ancestor’s Pagan Beliefs?

Cindy Jacobs, Television Prophet

A Christian prophet has a message for anyone with Native American or indigenous heritage:

Repent, or risk an ominous-sounding spirit.


Throughout the bible, I do not care which bible you read, your God has selected many servants (Gods people) to use as a teaching tool. Job is just another

un-willing tool that God is using.

Because Job, although a loving servant of God, is weak, his God is teaching him just who is the protector.

At no time are Jobs ancestors, good or bad, brought into this conversation between God and Job?

So, what is this self proclaimed prophet of her God talking about?

The best way to teach is the use of material around at the time of teaching your pupil, that your pupil will recognize?

This is what God is doing.

This said, it must also be said that Job 41 in not saying that our ancestors worshiping Animal animates although we do believe animals, trees, plants and so on are alive, this is only a conversation between God and some of the creations.


Just as Christianity can be said to be the experience of being part of the living body of Christ, animism can be said to be the experience of being part of the living biosphere (or even the whole “animate” universe). In this sense, something that is “animate” is simply something that is “alive,” and to be an animist is to believe things to be alive that others perceive as “inanimate.”

I have read about this man in Germanys past that spoke with false tongue and had a similar hand salute.


There is an Ominous Evil Spirit in the world only the wrong fingers are pointing in the wrong direction, the fingers needs to make a 180° turn?