Native American Tobacco

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While traveling around the internet looking for your answers I am sure that you stopped at many websites and blogs? This is a good thing and just what the internet was invented for.

At least one of your stops was a visit to me so, I will answer both of your questions, only remember this, I write from the teaching of my elders and will never tell other tribes how to do their ceremonies.

I also see that your state borders along the Mississippi river and on the east side?

So the land of Woodland Indians.

First before we get into gifting and/or presenting, we need to understand the herb Tobacco, yes, tobacco is an herb.

My people, east of the Mississippi river along the Atlantic coast grow and use this herb tobacco mixed with other herbs for many of our ceremonies.

My people also still use this herb the same way our ancestors used it of centuries, before any chemicals are added.

Why? Because there were no chemicals and also chemicals are not good for you. This is extremely important because as you know from other sites, many tribes differ in their ceremonies, this is also a good thing, but you stopped at this site also.

Please also read my past postings.

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Your questions

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how to present tobacco to an elder

Tribes in the east have been growing tobacco herb plants for centuries for use in ceremonies.

Tribes in central and the west have been using sage and sweet grass for centuries for use in their ceremonies.

So which way is the correct way to do ceremonies?

Both ways are correct for their tribal ceremonies, I believe?

I also believe that school teachers should always remember the tribe and/or area that they are teaching about before making statements about Native American culture and ceremony wouldn’t you agree?