Time to start freezing Veggies! :-(

Summer Squash is coming hot and heavy, time for freezing, Cucumbers are on their way along with the Zucchini squash.

Tomatoes are green starting to turn just in time for canning.

There is only three of us in the house, Breanna cannot have the kind of veggies I am growing, she gets her own, see http://walkingwiththealligators.wordpress.com/an-airedale-named-breanna/

Like I said in earlier postings, it is a new garden now over by the driveway and only 16′ X 16′ which is more than enough for a garden in new ground.


Next year, if needed I can use the other half of the closed in area.

The dead tree in the photo will be staying for as long as the Woodpecker family wishes. The Birdhouse on top has been home to three generations and they do not seem to want to stop now. 🙂

It started to rain again so I only had time for one quick picture.