Native American tribes challenge Obama

5195bca1b507b_preview-620President Bryan Brewer?

Native American tribes challenge Obama over Keystone XL pipeline

A Native American “president” ? Wants a nation to nation visit with President Obama.

Why should he, when we keep allowing congress to push it through?

One of the reasons why we, unlike our brothers and sisters from the African American people and the Latino people, will never be recognized as a viable entity throughout Indian country! We are not going after the cause of our problem, we keep going after the only government official trying to help us?

What about the Congress of the United States of America, the people that keep voting to run that polluting garbage through our land? Why are we not as a united people going after them?

Oglala Sioux Tribal (President) Bryan Brewer speaks about the need to block the Keystone XL Pipeline through Indian Country. Brewer noted that he would only discuss the pipeline with President Obama, government to government, he said.

Leaders from 11 Native American tribes from South Dakota to Oklahoma walked out of a meeting with federal officials in Rapid City on Thursday to protest the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

They then issued a direct challenge to President Obama: Talk to us directly or not at all.

Side note question?

When did we as a people start to refer to our Sachems and Chiefs as presidents, vice president and council representative?

Our ancestors are getting a little tired of turning over in their graves, wake up people  it is called UNITE as ONE! Start by finding real leaders.

President Joseph, Vice president Geronimo, President Tecumseh, President Wilma Mankiller, President Pontiac, Councilor Sitting Bull, Vice president Standing Bear, President Red Cloud, Councilor Black Hoof, President Cochise, Councilor Red Jacket, President Seattle, Vice president Crazy Horse, President Uncas, President Manuelito and on and on and on! Does that sound all right to you?