Never had a Peace Pipe in New England?

Another time to answer many questions about our ceremonies.

Our sacred prayers at ceremonies.

Still wondering about our pipe ceremonies?

We have two tribal pipes, one for friendship and one for our sacred ceremonies.

The first one (friendship) was in every roundhouse used to show friendship to anyone coming to visit.

Friendship Pipe 007

The second one (Sacred Pipe) is always in the roundhouse of the leader of the people and used by the pipe keeper for sacred ceremonies only.

There were no peace pipes in the tribes of the New England area until after the invasion of the western Indians from the other side of the Mississippi River.

If you remember your school history, there was no need for a peace pipe in our time with Europeans, because no non native had plans for peace!

This was many years before the West Coast Indians ever saw a European.

We had a Friendship Pipe used something like the west coast tribes peace pipe, if or when they used their pipe for friendly visits.

However, we also have a Sacred Pipe, for us, it is just what is implied “SACRED”! One must be a native, one must also go through years of training by an elder from your tribe that has gone through the training before you can care for this pipe!

This pipe does not belong to any creation, this pipe belongs to Creator!

One can light up a Friendship pipe and pass it around at gatherings as a sign of friendship as long as that person knows how to pass it around.

Sacred Pipe, one will NEVER awaken this pipe pass it around and/or give it away to anyone and for sure NEVER to a non native or an untrained member! NEVER!

A Spiritual Leader in any Eastern Woodland New England Tribe is not someone that has been elected to office by an Indian president or counsel member or someone that wakes up one day and decides to become a spiritual leader. An elder leader MUST be created by Creator through a very long life time journey, this is not a game of show and tell or a pat on the back, this is a work in progress, watched over day and night by the teacher (Creator)!

This pipe will never be on display to outsiders and a true traditional spiritual elder would not be involved in ceremonies around non native visitors. This is why you will not learn true traditional sacred prayers, because you have no need to learn our sacred prayers?

If this truth is hard nose I apologize to you however, far too many “akuwham” (trickster/coyote) are invading our culture since the changing of laws by the Euro Americans since the early 1990’s