Our Navy Ships are an Endangered Species


Endangered Mammals have the right to live in their oceans.

Our navy constantly guarantees us that their ships and men are well equipped to stop hurting endangered species while using their newest types of sonar and equipment because they can spot them well in advance of any danger?

On Sunday 12 August 2012 11.20 EDT one of our newest and best navy equipped ships could not spot The biggest moving objects ever built by man in the most active area in the world, a place where one would think that a ship would constantly be on the lookout for any danger?

USS Porter (DDG-78) a guided missile destroyer, commissioned in 1999 and actively serving as of 2012

US Navy ship collides with oil tanker



Three years ago, The USS Hartford, a nuclear-powered submarine based in Groton, Conn., collided in the Strait with the USS New Orleans, a San Diego-based amphibious ship. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/u-s-navy-vessels-collide-strait-hormuz-submarine-uss-hartford-rams-uss-new-orleans-article-1.370476



Published on Feb 19, 2013